A game for the Heritage Game Jam 2021.

The theme is "everyday heroes".

Play as a firefighter - an everyday hero - and stop waves of fire-causing troublemakers in this top-down action game!


WASD keys to move character.

Mouse, left button: Click to shoot your fire extinguisher.


Walking Fire: An angry-looking (but adorable) firey... thingy that gets close to you and punches you.

Drones: These are weapons of destruction by shooting fireballs, hurting you!

Arsonists: Generally mysterious-looking hooded figures, who on their own do no harm... until they summon little Walking Fires!


Clear waves of these troublemakers with your fire extinguisher, and don't lose all your health in doing so. :)


I feel that firefighters in my country are quite underappreciated.

At the same time, I think games related to firefighting aren't that many, so I hope that I can put my art and coding skills into this game jam entry I developed! 

a)    What were you inspired by?

I am inspired by stories of frontline workers and civil servants
whom people tend to take their work for granted.

I felt that there are not too many computer games related to firefighting,
that people can pick up and play straightaway.

So these limitations inspire me to make the game.

Additionally, I feel the need to push myself harder and further to
familiarize with the Unity engine, and by making this game,
I can prove myself that I can make games in Unity.

b)    What sort of experience / message are you hoping your game will bring across to the player?

Personally I hope that I can use my art and drawing skills
to make players happy or entertained with gamifying
a seemingly-mundane job/position in a funny, entertaining way.

c)    Why did you end up choosing this direction for your game?

I think top-down action games are universally recognized by computer gamers
through gaming history, so I think it's a good way
to ease in gamers into new and different themes.
I feel that realistic simulators can help gamify real-life experiences,
but I feel that making the experience fun - first and foremost - is more important,
hence I took the lively and animated approach to this top-down action gaming genre for this game jam entry!


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